FO Fruit Puree

FO Fruit Puree

We maintain our activities with the power of the breakthrough and the innovations orienting the pastry sector since the first day of the foundation of our company under the name of Fümer in 1988

We are proud of conveying the taste and quality of FO which is a Turkish brand in more than 60 countries.

We produce newly developed products in the pastry sector after many researches and tests in our three laboratories equipped with the latest technology and with our team who are experts in their fields.

We orient the sector with our 5 brands CORE, FO, LIMPO, REPO, FUMER.

We supply our products to the A Class pastries, 5 Stars hotels as well as our consumers through a huge network of the wholesalers.

In both pastry and beverage sector,we have market share of 5-80%, and we supply the market through the distribution channels of more than 300 wholesalers with more than 800 products.

We progress with the certain steps on the way of being a world brand by means of our more than 800 products and representatives of us in more than 60 countries.

We realize a Pioneer mission with the seminars organized in many countries all over the world for introducing how to get the best use of our products and how our products help customers for obtaining time , production and total cost savings

Black Mulberry Black Mulberry

Black Mulberry

Kiwi Kiwi


Peach Peach


Raspberry Raspberry


Sour Cherry Sour Cherry

Sour Cherry

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