Cinquantenario :

Cinquantenario “1 kg pack” is the top-of-the-range of our espresso blends. The finest Arabica green coffees from Brasil and Central America have been wisely selected, blended and roasted to create this blend. A superb taste and aroma, for an espresso with a dense, homogeneous and persistent froth. .

Linea Espresso :

Linea Espresso “1 kg pack” is a balanced blend of the finest Robusta and Arabica green coffees and gives espresso that is unique in taste, body and crema. All the traditional features that have made the Italian Espresso famous worldwide. .

Il tuo caffè :

Il tuo Caffe “1 kg pack” is a blend with a strong and intense taste, made with full-bodied Robusta green coffees and a part Arabica. A blend for coffee lovers, who want to enjoy the pleasure of a full body and palatable espresso.  .